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40" Trailing Plug Aerator

HDP-40 - Plug Aerator Manual


Get that Yard ready to Flourish! 

Help Your Lawn Get Air and Water to its Roots!

This 40” Tow-Behind Plug Aerator is a Wide, Heavy-Duty Implement, which gets your Yard Ready to Fertilize and Feed.  Aids your Lawn’s Health by Allowing the Fertilizer, Water and Air to get more Quickly into the Soil for Better, Faster Growth and Deeper, Stronger Roots.  It is recommended for use on Lawn Areas requiring a Deeper Aeration.  Continual use of a Plug Aerator will provide a Denser, More Plush Lawn.



  • Heavy ¾” Tine Shaft
  • Weighty 12 Gauge Weight Tray
  • 14 Gauge Plugging Tines
  • 32 Plugging Tines – 4 Welded Tine Sections Rotate Independently on Turns
  • Wide 40” Working Width Plug Aerator
  • 3” Penetration Depth
  • Recommended Load Capacity - 175 Lbs. Maximum
  • Single Steel Center Lift Lever Adjustable from the Tractor Seat
  • No tools required for assembly.
  • Overall Dim:  49” L x 50” W x 33” H


Color May Vary.


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