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Tubular Log Carrier/Stand

Tubular Log Carrier/Stand

Stop Using Two Hands to Carry Firewood from the Woodpile to the Hearth!

This May Be the Easiest Way to Handle Firewood!  Can be used as a carrier and a stand for your fireplace!!!

Our Log Carrier/Stand allows you to carry a large armful of wood with just one hand.  Simply Load this item with the Logs at the Woodpile, Carry it to the Hearth and Set it down . . . Job Done!  All with Less Mess and Less Time taken than Carrying Logs in by Hand.  

Easy to Assemble/Disassemble, so makes a great, compact Camping, Fishing and Hunting Accessory!

Looks great next to the Fireplace, Fire Ring or Campfire.  Pick up a Mid West Products Log Carrier Today!   

Buy extras for the Fireplace Owners/Users that you Know and Love.  While your at it buy extras for yourself for fireplace and camper!



  • Construction: 3/4" Diameter 20 Gauge Powder Coated Steel Tube.
  • Easy to Assemble – Only 4 Bolts.
  • Sturdy – Yet Feather Light
  • Self-Balancing Design – Even with Loads of 55 Pounds or More.
  • For Easier Handling of Firewood
  • Can Stand on the Hearth, by the Fire Ring or Campfire
  • Dimensions: 16" L x 12 ½” W x 21" H


Color May Vary.


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