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31" Baler

1K-1957 - Baler Manual


Increase the Capacity of Mid West Products Deluxe Push Lawn Sweepers!

The Baler allows you to Almost Double the Hamper Capacity to allow you to go much longer between the times you have to empty the Hamper.  This Baler is very easy to use, just place it inside the Hamper and Sweep until it is full.  Then Pull the Bottom Baler Rod up to the top Hamper Hooks and continue Sweeping until the Hamper is full.  Now you just empty both Baler and Hamper and you can start filling them again.

As you can see, the Baler can be a great time saver.

This Model only works with our 31" Deluxe Push Lawn Sweeper (B-319) and 31" Deluxe Stainless Steel Push Lawn Sweeper (B-319SS).

See our 26" Baler Model for our 26" Deluxe Push Lawn Sweeper.


Color May Vary.




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