Welcome to Mid West Products!

We are proud to be the Exclusive Manufacturer of the “Lambert” Designed Lawn and Garden Equipment.   This acquisition has allowed us the opportunity to provide time tested, superior designed products that continue to have a strong foot-hold in the Lawn and Garden Market.

We have taken “the ease of assembly” to a new level, since our introduction of the No-Tools-Required line of Push Lawn Sweepers and our Vegetable Garden Row Seed Planter.  Our Trailing Lawn Sweepers are shipped fully assembled.  All of our Lawn Sweepers offer Features not available on our competitors Models! 

Our commitment to carefully crafting the broadest line of "Do-It-Yourself" residential Lawn and Garden Equipment begins with what our customers need to be more productive in the yard.  From Lawn Sweepers, Wooden Utility Carts, Tractor Attachments to our Gardening Equipment, Mid West Products are designed for the yard enthusiast in helping you and others maintain the beauty of your home and surroundings with a minimum of effort.  We believe that lawn and garden care should be an enjoyable pastime not a disheartening chore. 

As we say, “If it wears the Mid West Products name, you can be confident about quality and performance.”

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